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Liberec is the metropolis of Northern Bohemia, situated at the border with Poland and germany. Liberec is often called the city under de Jested mountain. She has the oldest zoo of Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful botanical gardens.

General information


liberec-radniceThe North Bohemian city Liberec lies in the valley of the Jested mountain and the Jizera mountains. In the past, many trading routes crossed at this place. The climb over the Jested mountain was difficult and as such Liberec was the place to trade and relax for many merchants. During the 15th and 16th century this small community grew out into an important city . At the end of the 16th century the first stone houses were built. During the second half of the 18th century the first brick houses in classical style were built. At the end of the 19th century Liberec became the metropolis for textile industry and industrial development. Liberec was the 2nd largest city after Prague ; there were three consulates , 50 textile factories, 60 steel factories and many others like the automobile factory of RAF. Today Liberec offers a lot of curiosities. the city is proud at its historical buildings such as the city hall , built in neo-renaissance style from 1893. It symbolize the richness of the city. Just behind the city hall, there is the opera building of Frantiska Xavera Saldy from 1893. Some other buildings like the museum , and some buildings in the residential area still symbolize the golden times of the blooming city Liberec at the 19th and beginning of 20th century.

jested-noc002Liberec is often also called the city under the Jested mountain, a special tower building that dominates and symbolises the whole area from an altitude of 1012 meter. This special construction in the shape of a rotating hyperbole, was designed according to the plan of the architect Karel Hubacek, who received the famous perret price for his design. In the building there is a telecommunication centre, a hotel and restaurant. The official opening was in 1973 and since that time jested was THE symbol of Liberec city.

The Wallenstein worker houses in the centre of the city are the oldest preserved buildings from 1678-1681 and still show how the city looked at that time.

You can also find the church of Saint Antonin The Great on the Sokolov square with a 70 m. high tower who stands next to the tower of the city hall.

liberec-muzeumThe Solc house from the 18th century was the centre for the textile industry. The textile producers built their houses mainly next to the river NISA. The merchant Solc Frederik also built his house from stone and wood. Currently the place is the bureau for the environmental organization of the Jizera area. This type of houses characterized Liberec at the end of the 18th century.

A very beautiful neo-renaissance building is the spa or health resort from 1901-1902. Unfrtunately it is closed and can be admired only from the outside.

liberecke-jezirkoAs such Liberec became a place that offers many historical and cultural curiosities as well as sport activities.

You can visit the zoo , the beautiful botanical garden , the tropical swimming paradise Babylon, the olympic swimming pool, the art gallery and many other places.

The nature around the city is a paradise for hiking and mountain bike and in winter also for skiïng and cross country.


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A piece of untouched nature offers lots of possibilities. The whole region is the place to be for hikers and mountain bikers, a paradise for those who love nature.. In winter it is the ideal place for skiing and cross country.

Activities and trips

This wunderful place offers many marked tracks for hiking and mountainbike. In winter there are very long cross country tracks or you can go skiing in the new Jested ski area. The skilift is also working in summer for hikers. Come and discover this unknown area full of possibilities for those who love nature..

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